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Are you looking for a Sparky Service in Campbelltown, NSW? ACDC Electrical is a modern electrical company that delivers professional, reliable, quality services to Campbelltown. We offer a wide range of installation and repairs electrical setup, rewiring and fixtures in buildings, industries and domestic areas to avoid the risk of electrical fires and electrocution lurking.

Our qualified and upgraded teams diagnose and pinpoint electrical problems using updated testing tools. Our expertise thoroughly inspects and identifies the issues and ensures that our team complies with all the safety standards.

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    Install and Upgrade Switchboard

    A switchboard is a device that transfers energy from one source to another. The electricity supply is disrupted by a switchboard that is either improperly installed or outdated, endangering the residents’ safety. A burning smell, flickering lights, and tripped circuit breakers are signs that your switchboard needs to be replaced.

    New construction consumes more energy than older structures, resulting in unnecessary tripping. The best answer is to hire a qualified electrician to upgrade or install a new switchboard, which will keep your home safe from electric shocks and fires.

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    Install Smoke Detectors and Alarms

    Smoke detectors, particularly in the kitchen, aid in preventing fires, while a burglar alarm aids in preventing break-ins. You will save money on repairs due to fire and theft and on house insurance if you have an alarm and smoke detector system installed. While you’re at it, rest assured that your home is safe and secure 24 hours a day.

    Homeowners can hire reputable electricians to install safety systems since they have the necessary knowledge and equipment. They are familiar with proper wiring and can set up and maintain various alarm and smoke detector systems.

    Fans, Lighting, and Fixtures

    Fans, lighting and fixtures are the way to keep your room bright and cool in any weather. But this is quite tricky to install the new one or to replace the existing one. To stay safe and secure, you must hire a professional electrician for any electrical work.

    Some homeowners would instead do it themselves than employ a professional. It’s possible that doing it yourself will result in faulty grounding and electrical connections. The top electrician in Sydney can assist you in selecting the appropriate lighting for your needs, installing the fixtures correctly, and grounding the wiring.

    What are the benefits of a Sparky Service?

    The following are the benefits of Sparky Services:

    1. It aids in the prevention of unforeseen outages and downtime
    2. It is vital for preventing essential service outages
    3. Reduces the risk of fires and equipment damage
    4. Increases the level of safety and shields people from harm
    5. Determines the level and type of safety equipment required

    Why Choose ACDC Electrical for Sparky Services?

    We give the greatest sparky service in Campbelltown, NSW, and the reasons for choosing us for sparky services are listed below.

    1. Listen to Customers’ needs and requirements
    2. Friendly Service
    3. Arrive on the right day and the right time
    4. Work Guarantee
    5. Customers’ safety concerns
    6. Affordable prices

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some steps that can be taken to prevent short circuits.

    • Unplug Electronic Devices that are not in use 
    • Install Fuses
    • Install Thermal Switches
    • Grounded Outlets

    The following are the top five reasons for electrical fires in the home.

    • Old wiring
    • Old appliances or faulty electrical outlets
    • Ungrounded plugs
    • Overloading light fixtures
    • Extension cord misuse

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