Level 2 Electrician in Campbelltown, NSW

Level 2 Electrician in Campbelltown, NSW

Level 2 Electrician in Campbelltown, NSW

Many consumers are unsure of the various accreditation levels within the electrical services business and what services are truly available. In this article, we examine Level 2 Electrician in Campbelltown, NSW and the services they can offer to residential, commercial, and industrial locations.

A Level 2 electrician is qualified to connect a residential or business building to the electricity grid and vice versa. Not all electricians are qualified to perform this kind of electrical work because of the increased danger involved.

If a building is undergoing extensive renovations, Level 2 electricians can disconnect and reconnect the power supply and set up temporary electrical power for contractors.

Level 2 Service Provider in Campbelltown – Sydney

Level 2 Electrician in Campbelltown, NSW is a certified electrician with a license and can offer additional electrical services beyond those required by law. Electrical services between the street and your property, as well as metering, overhead, and underground services, can be handled by level 2 electricians.

Power Source

Our ACDC Electrical can install and connect the power thanks to their Level 2 training. Some electrical devices or equipment, such as spas and air conditioners, may need a power supply.

Moving or Testing Switch Boards

Switchboards and metering equipment can be relocated or replaced by level 2 electricians. When making significant alterations to how your home receives power, our staff collaborates closely with your energy provider.

Restore UV-Damaged Cabling

Consumer mains electrical systems that are damaged Electrical service providers frequently send out notices of defects, and electrical cables in bad condition are the main cause. Usually, UV rays and normal weathering are to blame for the damage. To maintain safety, these wires must be changed as soon as possible. To end your mains connection problems for good, our level 2 electricians work promptly and effectively.

New Installations

Are you building a different home or business establishment? You might need to install metering or link the electrical power supply to overhead or subsurface electrical infrastructure. Your new electrical installation needs can be helped with by ACDC Electrical, who will ensure everything is safe and legal.

Advancements or Replacements

Suppose upgrading to a phase electrical system is what you want. The electrician staff is available and prepared to help, and level 2 electricians can only upgrade a switchboard to a new phase.

Discretionary Power Source

Sometimes it’s important to build a temporary power source, whether it’s for construction sites or an unplanned power outage. As part of our service, we will set up the wiring, metres, switchboards, and poles and then pack everything away.


Level 2 Electrician in Campbelltown, NSW

Level 2 ASP Electrician Campbelltown

A Level 2 ASP can do installations, repairs, and maintenance on service lines that connect a building (both commercial and residential) to the electrical supply network.

This may entail working on overhead and subsurface service lines, updating the power supply, installing and connecting electrical meters, and disconnecting and reconnecting the electrical supply. Only Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) working under the ASP scheme are permitted to carry out any work connected with the services above to guarantee the security and dependability of NSW’s power supply.

Therefore, by law, you must hire a Level 2 ASP to complete any work on your residential, commercial, or industrial property that involves the electrical supply network, whether upgrading, remodelling, experiencing a power outage, or you’ve moved into a new building.

ACDC Electrical provides residential, commercial, and industrial clients with a variety of high-quality, accredited Level 2 services, such as 3-phase incoming power supplies; incoming power supply connections; power supply upgrades; new main switchboards & metering requirements; underground mains and sub mains; distribution switchboards; power distribution; and general installations.

We are authorised to complete the following tasks:


Reconnecting and disconnecting service wires at the attachment point

  1. This electrical service, often known as D&R (disconnect and reconnect), entails working directly on the power supply lines that serve a building.
  2. You could need this service if you’ve received a notification of an electrical problem. This defect notice may have been sent to your property for several reasons.
  3. Upgrading your property’s consumer mains, point of attachment, point connection, and private power pole connection are a few examples.

Working on wiring and utility conductors underground

  1. Removing and replacing neighbourhood electricity distributors
  2. Setting up, moving, enhancing, and connecting underground service lines
  3. Replacing neutral wire connectors and service protection devices

Working on the conductors and lines of the overhead service

  1. Switching out and taking away a local electrical distributor
  2. Putting in, moving, upgrading, and connecting overhead service lines
  3. Replacing neutral wire connectors and overhead service protection devices

Working with a network service component

  1. Switching out and taking away network service equipment
  2. Putting in place, moving, updating, and connecting fuse and service protection devices
  3. Supplying power to service network equipment

Level 2 Electrician Areas of Expertise

A level 2 electrician has been trained in the following areas:

  1. Notices of Electrical Defects
  2. Client Mains
  3. Replacing Private Power Poles
  4. Connection Point
  5. Overhead & Underground Power
  6. Switchboard Upgrades
  7. Safety Examinations

Why Choose ACDC Electrical?

With years of experience providing Level 2 Electrical services, we always arrive on time, and we’ll keep you informed in plain language about our progress.

Insured and Licensed Electricians

Our electricians can work on residential and commercial premises because they are all properly licensed and insured.

Electrician On-time

We recognise how valuable your time is. Because of this, we promise to send an electrician on time.

Same Day Services

Our amiable staff members are driven to meet consumer expectations. We are so devoted that we provide same-day services!

Safety Examination

Ensure all of your electrical systems are secure and functional throughout the year. On each job, we gladly do a safety check.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Differentiates a Level 2 Electrician From a Regular Electrician?

An electrician with level 2 training is qualified to connect and disconnect property from the electrical grid. Both above- and below-ground work are included, distinct from regular electricians, since they possess more credentials.

Can I handle Level 2 Electrical Work Alone?

Level 2 electrical repairs are particularly dangerous since they involve direct contact with the power system and should only be carried out by a level 2 electrician. However, these fixes can’t even be done by a typical electrician.

What does a Level 2 Electrician do?

Vir cables, new installations, electrical upgrades and replacements, as well as supplying a temporary power source, are just a few of the tasks a licensed level 2 electrician can handle!

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Our team of electricians comprises fully licensed level 2 electricians with expertise in various electrical services. We are your go-to electrician service and offer home and commercial electrical work.

In need of a level 2 electrician nearby? Our calls out Level 2 Electrician in Campbelltown, NSW, are available and are the best option if you require immediate electrical repairs. Contact ACDC Electrical if you’re seeking trustworthy, amiable, qualified electricians anywhere in Campbelltown, NSW. With the ACDC Electrical team accessible for electrical services, we have covered Campbelltown, NSW and can be at your property quickly.

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